A Message from Chinese School Principal  

Shawn Chou  10/10/2018

Greetings and salutations!

I welcome you to another wonderful year of Chinese school! As we transition from the restful joys of the summer season back to the traditional hustle and bustle of fall, I hope you all have had a fantastic and meaningful vacation spent with your families and friends. Time goes by in the blink of an eye!

As you return to the classrooms and form bonds with your friends and teachers, both old and new, I want to remind you the importance of keeping up and enriching your growing prowess in the Chinese language. The venerable Chinese philosopher Laozi [老子] once remarked: “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” [千里之行,始於足下]. With these words in mind, I heartily implore you all to steadfastly continue on your journey towards mastery by practicing speaking, listening, writing, and understanding Chinese every day with your friends and family.

To the dedicated parents supporting our community:

Thank you for leaving your children in our trust. The Chinese School of San Marino is a unique and storied institution, as we strive to provide both a safe environment for learning and the best faculty to teach your children the joys of the Chinese language. Additionally, we are always improving and tailoring our specialized curriculum, continually implementing new and entertaining cultural activities to increase the students’ engagement and interest in the Chinese culture. Our programs are intermeshed with our town’s two public elementary schools – Carver and Valentine – where the Chinese school holds classes after school during weekdays. This year, we are offering a variety of activities, ranging from folding origami to creating traditional dough figurines. On Saturdays, we offer even more Chinese courses at different levels (including adult conversational classes) at Huntington Middle School for those who cannot make it to our weekday program. Finally, we also provide private tutoring classes held at the Chinese Club building. More information can be found at www.ccsm.org.

Once more, welcome back to Chinese school. We look forward to having you!

Shawn Chou
2018 Principal
Chinese School of San Marino

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