A Message from Chinese School Principal  

Elaine Hon    10/3/2016

It is my great honor to be this year's principal of the San Marino Chinese School. The Chinese School is so special to me and my family. I still remember when we first emigrated from Hong Kong to the United States and we were unfamiliar with the surroundings, but because my daughter learned Chinese at the Chinese School, I met a group of mothers with the same background as mine. We volunteered together and encouraged each other. With their friendship, my family and I then quickly adapted to the new environment. Now my daughter has grown up, I am grateful to volunteer my time to help the Chinese School. It was so delightful to see that most of the teachers who used to teach my daughter are still teaching Chinese and Chinese culture at the Chinese School. Of course, it is not an easy job to be a principal, but I am very fortunate to have great support and cooperation from Chinese School Board and its PTA. This precious experience has given me the opportunity to learn and grow.

This year, there are some personnel changes, and we also hired some new teachers. To encourage students and enhance their interest in learning Chinese, this year the Chinese School is offering specific scholarships for students to apply. In addition, we added more computer equipment to encourage teachers to adopt new technology to enrich their teaching styles and make learning Chinese more fun for our students. Furthermore, we have established many popular Saturday's after-school classes such as Chinese brush and idioms classes which allow students to understand the beauty of Chinese characters and our heritage and culture in addition to treating Chinese as a language tool, and later hope these students fall in love with Chinese literature and become inspired to learn Chinese from their heart.                                     

There is great news to share with everyone. This year, five teachers from our Chinese School received the “Excellent Teacher Award” and one teacher even received the “Golden Outstanding Teacher Award” from Taiwan’s Education Department. In addition, our students received great results in various off-campus competitions. None of this would have been possible without the dedication and unconditional support from our teachers and staff, our parents and students, and Chinese School Board members and PTA members. Once again, I welcome all of you to join me to work together to make San Marino Chinese School even better for our children and community. Let's make it together!  


                                                                     Elaine Hon
                                                                 2016 Principal
                                          Chinese School of San Marino 

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