A Message from Chinese School Principal  

Shirley Lee  10/22/2017

How time flies! In a blink of an eye, I’ve been serving the Chinese School of San Marino for the past nine years. I went from serving as a Room Mom to the Co-chair of CSSM PTA President until now. My daughters have also risen in the ranks in Chinese School from beginner class to the advanced-level class today. That said, I’m indeed no stranger to the Chinese School of San Marino, and I am emotionally attached to this great school.  

This year I’m gratefully honored to be elected as the Principal of CSSM for the 2017-2018 school year. I know this is not an easy task and I am prepared to take on this responsibility for the betterment of our school. With the support of our School Board members, we finally were able to expand our curriculum and add new “Story Time” lessons focusing on building character. These lessons will focus on the moral pillars of our traditional Chinese culture, emphasizing basic manners, piety, and respect for the teachers and elderly. We hope that by having a specific theme each week, our teachers can share moral lessons by reading, showing video clips, or having students act out skits in class. I believe such approach would bring the teachers and students closer, as well as making learning Chinese culture more enjoyable. We have also added two extracurricular activity classes, Origami and Dough Figurine, for Carver and Valentine's Friday afterschool program, so that our kids can also have fun while learning Chinese. This year we will also continue to have our scholarship program, which encourages and awards our top students who excel in both character and schoolwork.

Lastly, I truly thank our School Board and our CSSM PTA for supporting my ideas. Our PTA had donated to each class a treasure box full of small gifts as prize incentives for the teachers to give away during “Story Time.”  Without the support and thoughtfulness of all, these new programs would not have happened this year. Let us continue to work hard together in promoting and preserving our Chinese culture for our next generation. 


Shirley Lee
2017 Principal
Chinese School of San Marino

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