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The Chinese Club of San Marino has had a tradition since its founding that a board member who has severed a term of three years will not seek for reelection so other members of the community can have opportunity to not only volunteer their services to the community but also learn the rules and practices of a democratic society by serving on the board.

In order to assist the new members of the board to maintain the continuity of the operation of the Club an advisory committee was organized to serve this function.  The first advisory committee was formed in 1989, but the regulation of its formation and functions were first added to the Club’s bylaws in 1993.

The current bylaws, revised again in 2004, provide that those who are not current board members and have served on the board for three or more years shall be members of the advisory committee.  This committee’s functions are as follows:
  1. The advisory committee shall be providing services, advices, and recommendations to the Club upon the request by the board of directors.
  2. Members of the advisory committee shall be entitled to attend the board of director’s meeting as non-voting participants.
  3. Advisory committee may present it’s recommendations of any issue to the board of directors for consideration.

The following are current and past chairpersons of the advisory committee:

Jean Wang (1993), Mark Chen (1994, 1997 – 1998), Steve Ho (1995), Robert Lay (1996, 2006 & 2007), Yee-Jen Shuai (1999), Rosa Zee (2000), Sabrina Lin (2001), Cordelia Wong (2002), Se-Yao Hsu (2003 – 2004), and Becky Ung (2005).

(No chairpersons were named during years 1989 through 1992.)

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